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As I walk through a nice hotel I hear sounds of loud moans and groans. Then ,I started thinking, there is no way these women are just coming here for a honeymoon everynight…

Can you actually make a living from sex?

To give you the less dragged out answer. Yes. You can make a living from sex but its a pretty risky business and you need protection , whether it’s a bodyguard or a agency.  Now ,why do I mention sex work? Apart from blogging I’m a part-time webcam model. `I like the idea of pleasuring myself below the belt. However, I can never manage to get on cam and actually do a straight week  of broadcasting. I like the freedom of it all. You can do as you want on cam and no one can say anything or report you for it… Well they can actually say something but it wouldn’t matter because you are an independent self employed sex worker.

Next Year, I will be doing something a little different. Venturing into the world of escorting . My love life is actually a little boring now. Playing with myself is wonderful but I would like partner … or a few.

I’ll even write about it.





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