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I love working in the adult sex industry because I am my boss. I have no one telling what to do, nagging at me, and controlling the choice of words that are to come out of my mouth. I am my boss. I love it . Now the other day I wrote about phone sex , I even written about escorting but that’s for later. They phone sex experience is great. The thing about phone sex is the adrenaline rush you get before you answer the phone. It’s a great feeling , however, working with a phone sex dispatch company is pretty much shit to me. They pay you .7 cents a min and it goes up only after 70 calls. No thank you. Sorry. Now I went to a dispatch company because I wanted to get the feel . That’s it that;s actually all I got. They didn’t compute how much I made from the other calls for whatever reason. They call my home telling me to clock in .That’s a No No for me. I don’t mind a email but when you call and leave voice mails and call me at least 4 times a day I have a huge problem with that. They made it seem like a regular ol’ retail job and it annoyed the shit out of me. So, tomorrow I will be telling them I no longer wish to work with them NOT for them.

I’ve been loving the BDSM Lifestyle and I have been learning a lot around it. I plan on becoming a pro domme in the future so  I’ll be doing a lot of reading on that. I think of myself as a adult industry explorer. I like learning different areas pertaining to it. BDSM has been getting the limelight for me. I love it. Its a nice way of living . Healthy , Safe, Sexy, And Very Kinky.

And I’ll Have Control.





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