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Past Forgiveness



Relationships start off great, maybe the first year you feel as though you are on your honeymoon. With all the fun and lustful sex  and late night quickies it can blind you sometimes. It can make you think that this person you are giving your goods to is the one. Then , a year later when you are more than serious you may find out somethings that this person has done to you that no one has ever done to you before. You’re hurt, you’re lost and most of all you’re in love with this person. You love who they portrayed themselves to be so you thought hmmm this can be overlooked it just can’t happen again.There are reasons why sometimes breaks can be good.

I’m not saying break up with your partner whenever things go wrong. That was my disclaimer. I’m simply saying if this person slept with over 5 girls in that first year of your relationship, maybe you need a break. Take the time out deal with what just happened, emotionally. I hate to say it but as a female we’re driven by our emotions most of the time so we need to regroup and work on our forgiveness. If we do not forgive the people who hurt us in our lives it carries onto our future relationships.

Did you know that a healthy relationship with your father can help the relationship with men? Well it can. Most of the time females who has “Daddy Issues” show that in the relationship with the men they form relationships with so ladies if you let go of the anger  towards your father it could help in how you treat men. Also men, if you notice your woman is showing energy of anger sit down with her and talk to her about what the underlying issues could be.

We need to learn how to truly forgive people for their past actions. This may mean sitting down with them talking about it , taking time apart to learn the true value of a person, or simply take time to emotionally heal.




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