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Captain Dildo Review

The moment I saw this toy I immediately knew I was in love.Okay well everyone this is my first strap on compatible dildo and once I have a strap on I will be glad to use this big boy on someone. My first thought when I saw it was it is beautiful and it matches … Continue reading

Past Forgiveness

Relationships start off great, maybe the first year you feel as though you are on your honeymoon. With all the fun and lustful sex  and late night quickies it can blind you sometimes. It can make you think that this person you are giving your goods to is the one. Then , a year later when … Continue reading

Gyro G G Spot Vibrator Review

Today was a stressful day for me but once I took a nap and woke up to a package from Andy over at goodvibes a smile lit up my face. I opened the box to find two beautiful toys one a nice cute purple vibrator with this weird curve to it.The other item in the … Continue reading


I love working in the adult sex industry because I am my boss. I have no one telling what to do, nagging at me, and controlling the choice of words that are to come out of my mouth. I am my boss. I love it . Now the other day I wrote about phone sex … Continue reading

Phone Sex

Phone sex. It’s so much fun. I didn’t expect it to be like that. Shit I didn’t know what to expect. Its different . I guess the caller can chose from multiple categories and lately I been getting a lot of hardcore. After my first experience I though hmmm how can I get these guys … Continue reading

The Road To Nowhere

I don’t know where I am anymore. Everyday I look down my life path I see something different. I want so much in my life and I know that everything takes time. I know that I can’t take on too much but all these different solutions take a lot of time for me with all … Continue reading

The Sex Worker

As I walk through a nice hotel I hear sounds of loud moans and groans. Then ,I started thinking, there is no way these women are just coming here for a honeymoon everynight… Can you actually make a living from sex? To give you the less dragged out answer. Yes. You can make a living … Continue reading

Hurt ,Pain, and Silent Suffering

A break up. It is one of the worst things a young female can bare, next to childbirth of course. For your heart to break into pieces . It hurts oh so badly. I wish that I didn’t love him. I ended a three year relationship because I knew that I couldn’t be that nice … Continue reading

The Blame Game.

I have this issue too often in my relationship , it’s pitiful actually . We argue about the dumbest things.  I’m a student and I can ask something as simple as will you be able to get him everyday of this week… Kaboom! It becomes a argument. Is it wrong if I ask this question … Continue reading

You’re such a bore.

What do you do when you’re both on the phone and you hear snoring? Literally snoring.  I just hang up and the same thing will happen tomorrow night, and the night after. That is the most boring cycle ever. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for three year and I can tell you … Continue reading

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